Borksy Game Hacker

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This is the version of the Bitsy engine you wish to include with your game.

Note that Borksy templates and defaults are slightly modified from the original exports. Usually this is not noticeable, but do not expect a Borksy game and a Bitsy game with the same data to produce the exact same file.

This is the gamedata from Bitsy:

This is the HTML content of your game's body tag:
NOTE: the canvas#game tag is crucial for Bitsy to work.

This is the CSS style for your page:

These are pre-loaded hacks that modify and extend Bitsy's behavior. Just check the box to include the hack. Hacks with options have a expandable section with a modifiable JavaScript options object. If you need a hack not seen here, use the Additional JavaScript field instead.

This is JavaScript loaded into a script tag after all Bitsy code.
Other hacks can go in here (among other things).

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