Andrew Yolland

Full-Stack Web DeveloperGame Designer

An image of my smiling face
An image of my smiling face

I'm a web developer and game designer based out of Omaha, Nebraska.

I graduated from Omaha Code School in 2015 and work as a developer at Corporate 3 Design.

I make web sites, web-based tools, and web-based games. I'm passionate about creating experiences that are elegant, thoughtful, accesible, and delightful. I also work to mentor and assist others in learning to make similar work.

Web Work through Corporate 3 Design

I work as a full-stack web developer at C3D, working with designers to bring clients' visions to life, with an emphasis on responsive design.

Games and Game-Making-Tools

I love games. I love to play them, but I also think games are important. Games can be a powerful lens for user or audience interation, and think games are vital tool for education, particularly tech education. But also games are fun. I value fun.

Currently, I work mostly in Bitsy, a JavaScript-based platform for small minimalistic narrative games. You can find my Bitsy games on my profile.

I develop Borksy, a tool for extending the functionality of Bitsy. The goal of Borksy is to make extending Bitsy as accessible to newcomers as possible, even if users do not have any background in JavaScript, as well as provide easy-to-use, robust tools for experienced creators.

I also volunteer with Mystery Code Society, a local non-profit working in tech education for middle-school age fems and non-men. I have helped with curriculum development, development of tools for use in class, as well as a teaching assisant in game dev classes.